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Dot Bingo is the one of the best internet bingo portal that has a great deal of information that the bingo players will find interesting. Links are provided to various online bingo sites for gambling players who are looking for a virtual bingo web site to play at.

The Reviews section is very interesting because they do not confine their reviews to bingo sites. They include reviews of gaming software makers, game site managers and other sites of interest to the industry. The reviews help to choose good bingo game playing site on Internet. Their casino news section isn’t as up to date as it could be. The Bingo Glossary section is quite lengthy and extensive. Read the terms which are often used in bingo game.

For casino bingo players new to online chat rooms there is a section that has the acronyms and emoticons to make your live bingo chat discussions interesting. The chat option makes online bingo very interesting. Players can enjoy chatting while playing bingo. Share free bingo playing strategies and gambling tips with lost of cyber bingo players.

There is a section on bingo books that has a few books that they discuss and provide links to places where the books can be purchased. Not all of the books seem to be on bingo. Read the bingo books and be more familiar with bingo game.

There is a page on Bingo Bonuses that has several bingo sites and their bonuses. Many internet bingo sites offer free sign up bonus and cash deposit bonuses for their players. There are also some exciting special bonuses. Many sites offers bonus of special days like New Year, Christmas, etc.

There is a section on Bingo Stories where players share some of their experiences concerning the game. This is interesting reading for people who like these kinds of human interest stories.

There is a section on bingo equipment for those looking for information on equipment. There is also a section on progressive slot machine with the size of their jackpots since many bingo players also play slots. This website has other information that many bingo players will find of interest. Interested players can visit the site.

Playing bingo online is great fun. There are large numbers of casino players who play bingo game regularly. Most of bingo sites offer 24 X 7 playing environment for bingo enthusiasts. Play bingo and Try your luck to win large progressive jackpots!

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