You are given $10,000, which of the five following options for spending would you pick and why?

1.) Give the money to the first homeless person you see.

2.) Buy new playground equipment for your community.

3.) Go to a school and pay book tuition for as many under-priviledged kids as you can.

4.) Throw a carnival for a local cancer hospital.

5.) Hold a big Bingo Game for a local Retiremen Home.

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  1. Sorry, if I was given $10,000, none of those would be my choice, I would put it towards college for my son, my son comes before anything and everyone.

  2. None of the above..

    I’d invest that money properly and build up a charity stuff to help a poor community flourish

  3. I would go to a school and pay for books. Books are the most ridiculous college expense and there is no need for them to cost as much as they do. A single semester can cost around 500$ and that money would allow you to help numerous people who are actively trying to invest in their future.

  4. 4- My Dad died of cancer last month. Though I would hold the carnival and ask for donations to go torwards cancer research.

  5. I would build a new playgrond for my community. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Plus in my neighborhood the nearest playground is across a 5 lane highway, and it makes me nervouse taking my kids there. I am always afraid something will happen while we are crossing. There are no crosswalks, or lights to cross at. Very dangerous. And it is rediculous to drive there, because it is actually so close, it takes longer to drive than to walk. I think driving would just be lazy. Plus there is no where to park your cars. There are so many kids in our neighborhood, and I would be happy to see the doing something beside playing with fireworks! We have the mpty lot for it too!

  6. I would have to go with 3. I am a big believer in getting a good education. I am tired of seeing a bunch of uneducated people out there. Its sad to see kids that want to better there future but they can’t because they can’t afford it.

  7. I would probaly spend the money on a park for my community
    since someone burned down my school park on the forth of July ( it was as bright as can be when this happened). The action really took everyone by surprize, and it still does that to me because I have to look at it everyday ( I live directly across from the school).

  8. 3.) Go to a school and pay book tuition for as many under-priviledged kids as you can.

  9. I knew it! There was bound to be some greedy answer here~!! 😀

    Not saying that I’m not greedy myself…. I’d probably give a bit to each one of those options. Then, I’d save up the money for anything useful.
    BUT, if I had to… theen….
    I wouldn’t think number 1 is good. You’ll be helping one person, yeah that’s good and all, but with $10k I think you should help more than one person. So I’d probably narrow it down to 3. or 4. :/ Probably split it. u_u

  10. I would say #4
    Because there is not enough money out there to go for cancer treatment as far as patients go.
    I would actaually try to donate as much as possible to different charities.
    Cancer has also killed a number of people in my family.

  11. I would spend it on the ‘Punch Dick Cheney in the Face’ for $10,000 charity event.

    Most of the money from this event goes to the ‘Adopt a homeless vampire bat’ foundation. Of course the rest of the money goes to defense contractors to build more stuff we can use to blow stuff up with.

  12. #1 they would spend it on booze and drugs(so that is out of the question)
    #2are we talking about a high school or grade school ?
    #3tell them you want to donate it to the parks and rec department in you city.
    #4 donate it to the hospital and tell them that you want to
    #5buy the gifts and donate them to the retirement home for the bingo game.

  13. 3, has the best investment return option.
    you are investing in the futherence of society as a whole, It takes education to to suceed in life in most cases.

  14. I would give it to my friend Josh who was paralyzed two years ago while we were on vacation with friends. It would go to help him walk again.

  15. I would do a carnival for a cancer hospital because it seems the best out of all the other ones

  16. If i had only these five options then i will choose the school option otherwise, i will find an investment that can yield more money over time so that more lives will be touched by the money probably through a thrust fund or some thing

  17. 1. Nope but I would to the shelter
    2. This should come from taxes
    3. I would for college textbooks which can get expensive
    4. Prefer to donate it to research or awareness prog.
    5. Bingo is boring so I would throw a monthly b-day or holiday party. I once went to a Father’s Day event where they had belly dancers! Let me tell you the seniors were having a blast. They forgot about that hip replacement. LOL

    Otherwise, I would donate $2000 to 5 kids who are the first in their family to attend college. It would also be based on academic achievement and economic need. I also like the idea of investing the money so it can grow into a fund that would continue to help others.

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