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Bingo Games – Worlds most popular Game

It might come as a surprise to many that the world’s most well played set of games are Bingo Games. It certainly surprised me and I am still disputing as to whether this is truly fact or not. But the stats say that one in nineteen people play bingo.

Bingo Games
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Closer to the truth might be that bingo games are amongst the western worlds most popular set of games particularly when one considers that the Roman Catholic church encourages its tens of millions of parishioners to play bingo games as often and as frequently as they have spare change.

Bingo Games – Bingo Evolution

Modern day bingo has evolved from the smokey backrooms of dank ( yes, i called it dank ) bingo halls to modern family oriented open spaces where even children have places to play safely under supervision while their parents play bingo.

If you live in a city that still allows smoking in bingo rooms then you are in the traditional environment that has existed for most of the this century.

Newer Bingo environments, particularly those in North American Casinos seat 3-5000 players and are now being played in upscale, large airy bingo rooms that are beginning to have many forms of electronic bingo and electronic slot machines alongside the traditional caller based bingo.

Online Bingo Games – Social Networks

Online Bingo Games are the newest fad – and some wouldn’t call them fad at all since they have been around for at least 11 years – like this site However in the longer scheme of things where bingo games have been played for hundreds of years, the online bingo game phenomena is fairly young.

Bingo games in the social media spaces of Facebook, Myspace and Bebo are also fairly new since social networks are as of this moment only 5-6 years old. Games such as poker and zynga’s farmville have over 40 and 60 million players respectively so its a matter of time before the worlds most popular offline game makes the transition fully to the online social networks too.

Online Bingo Games – Was Always A Social Network

The primary reason that most people play bingo is for the social aspects of the game. Before facebook was facebooking, bingo players have been socializing and networking both inside and outside the bingo game. In the past several bingo players from this site win365bingo met near Buffalo New York and went out on yearly outings which this site partially sponsored and gave full blessings to.

Social User Configuration Aspect – Missing link

What was missing from online bingo games at that time is what facebook has now, which is – yes, go ahead say it – faces. Most bingo games online have been slower to adopt functionality such as allowing users to put up their own spaces, where they can put family pictures, video of themselves playing in various bingo halls and creating groups within the actual online bingo application which would allow them to band together and have private conversations.

Other Than Bingo Games – Slots, Lotto and ScratchCards

Other than Bingo, bingo players tend to like games such as slot machines, lotto games and online or offline scratchcards. The allure of these other related non bingo games appears to be because they are not considered to be hard gambling like casino games but softer gaming with a strong entertainment aspect.

Below is a trusted bingo brand that pays out to players regularly and on time. They won’t pay out via paypal but neither will anyone else anymore. Neteller for Canadian players is also problematic since the New York Attorney General got involved, but all other payment modes and most other countries are – Good to go.

Bingo Games Evolution to online bingo games
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Some of the biggest payouts particularly for slot and scratch and win games are with neogames recently rebranded as Aspire.

They are not bingo games per se but have the massive branding and stature of the Hopa and Karamba brands behind them.

Slots machines with winnings up to a million Euros or more than even 1.3 million US Dollars.
Bingo Games

More Alternates to Bingo Games

You can also play for free at various sites that allow to play for real money if you like the free version of the game. We would strongly advise that you play a vendors game and see whether you like the playing environment first. This certainly has proven to be a great way for us here to test before depositing funds ( if ever ) on another site.

A site brand that really pays out ( Yes, we know it pays out because players from this win365bingo site have been paid for winnings ) is the Hopa Brand.

For all Bingo Games Aficionado’s – Have Fun and Play Safe!

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