Free Online Bingo Games – And Why People Love Them.

Free Online Bingo Games – the top sites

There are many websites that offer free online bingo games. According to one independent review, the top five bingo game sites in the United Kingdom are ThinkBingo, GalaBingo, Bingos, VirginBingo, and FoxyBingo. Other reviewers using different criteria sometimes include companies like CyberBingo on their lists. However, when playing online Bingo, it is not as important to be on the site with the best reviews as it is to be on a site that you enjoy.

Susan Mayhew Wins Big – Online Bingo Games – GalaBingo

Many people play because they have always loved the game. Other people, however, play because they love getting the chance to win great prizes. In fact, earlier this month, one player Susan Mayhew decided to play a quick game on GalaBingo and she was rewarded with a huge prize. She and her husband won a trip to Gibraltar and a chance to win part of a 100 thousand pound jackpot. On the trip to Gibraltar, Susan will get to compete in a three day long tournament against other lucky winners from the website.

Free Online Bingo Games
Tutti4frutti - Free Online Bingo Games

Although not all of the free online bingo games offer such amazing prizes, they do all offer great incentives and bonuses for playing. William Hall, the notorious betting house, has several Bingo sites including RubyBingo. Right now, Ruby is offering players a ten percent bonus on all of the money that they spend on their site. That bonus is in addition to other prizes and offers they are currently running.

HeyBingo – Great Free Online Bingo Games

There are a lot of affiliate sites but very few of them actually have a bingo game of their own. One site that many players love is the website. Developed by Alex Catapang, this site is great for all levels of players. It allows them to play six cards at a time and up to thirty six cards in multiple games.
It has basic games for beginners as well as games that support all types of bingo patterns. Players can even chat with each other thanks to the chat feature that Alex Catapang designed.

Alex first designed these technologies while working at IGM Canada and deployed these and many other firsts at and much of his original design was used in several other bingo games online including perhaps even some famous ones.  If you need a break from playing and want to get to know the man behind the site, you can even read his personal blog on HeyBingo. Then you will really realize why his players like and trust him.

Free online bingo games are one of the greatest things to have happened on the internet lately. There are so many sites to choose from that beginning players may not even know where to start. However, once you try a few different sites, you will easily find your favorite free bingo game.

Our recommendation for a great place to play bingo is

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