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Free Online Bingo – How to Play Effectively

Free online bingo
Everyone can play free online bingo

Playing effectively in a free online bingo site means different things to different people. For some of us who are bingo wizards, we play in 3 to 4 free online bingo game sites pretty much at the same time and probably in autodaub mode in order to not *miss* the big one.

Others, and I admit I am not of them, strenuously object to autodaub, claiming ( unfairly or not ) that it jeopardizes the real art of the free online bingo game which is being able to find the number on the card(s) fast enough to keep up with the caller and have a meaningful conversation at the same time, lol.

Well, like I wrote above, I dont admit to being one of those super busy online bingo players since playing on several different game sites at the same time even with a really big monitor sounds like a bit of work.

And we are not yet even talking about how to manage 4 to 30 sets of cards on each online bingo site – ok, thats real work even with an autodaub system that’s turning on and off every couple set of games.

Yeah, it sounds like a bit of work, but probably I am the dummy here.

Free Online Bingo – but is it really free ?

Some players say that as long as no one asked them for a credit card or other online payment its pretty well free. I can’t disagree with that however sometimes your time itself is worth something and earning points that you can use elsewhere or that you can redeem against possible draw tickets at least that element pays you back for your time.

Time is actually the most valuable commodity that any of us have, despite the view that some say its free. So taking a bingo offer from a real bingo site vs a free online bingo site – to play for free and get 5 or 20 dollars or pounds to play with just for registering – well that’s most definitely kind of hard to beat.

Free Online Bingo Sites – Bingo Bonuses

So, everyone is talking about playing bingo for free and winning at the same time. So, really – how is it done?

Well there are 2-3 ways of doing this. You can find a free online bingo game and check out the offers that are floating around the outside of the game.

Or you can google it using a variation on the free bingo no deposit term.

Or alternately, you can ask in bingo rooms for free online bingo sites or real money bingo sites  that have a no deposit bonus promotion. The promotions don’t last forever so if you see one, don’t ignore it, two weeks from now ( presumably when you get paid again, it might not be there ).

And how does a free online bingo game work ? Well, its free but it works for everyone because on registration you actually get anywhere from 5-$30 dollars that you can play with in your bingo account. In most cases, you do NOT have to make a deposit. The whole point of a “no deposit bingo bonus” is just that – “No Deposit” required.

So, how does the online bingo site make money on this?

They are hoping that a certain number of you will actually like or enjoy the game enough to make a deposit in the future and to that end, they sweeten the deal so that if you deposit, for example 100 dollars or pounds, they may match it up to 300% or more.

Anyone for slot machines and scratch & Win?

Free Online Bingo sites – Get Your Bonuses Early!

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