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Ruby Bingo and are two of many Websites proving that the game’s popularity has never really flagged in its appeal since Hugh Ward standardized it in the 1920s and wrote its first formal rules in the 1930s. Still popular in casinos and with church, synagogue, and other charity fundraisers, the bingo game has had a cyberspace presence since the mid-1990s. In fact, there is an obscure factoid that says it has grossed $1,100 million in international gaming revenues already by 2010.

Online bingo games like Ruby Bingo, or william hill bingo generates random numbers electronically, rather than using the long familiar, mixed-up numbered balls. Other than that, nothing is different online than offline. Games involve either the 90-ball version (cards showing three horizontal lines, nine columns) favored among British, Australian, and European players; or, the 75-ball version (cards showing five horizontal lines, five columns) based on the American and Canadian standards. The object remains to fill all required numbers according to designated line or location schemes, such as five numbers in a row, forming letters of the alphabet, filling cards completely, filling the four corner numbers only, and others.

Ruby bingo,, Hey Bingo

However, these sites also offer chat rooms enabling players easier social interaction while they play, something not always simple in a brick-and-mortar game.

In its earliest days, the online versions often required players to share demographic information, which allowed the host sites to send them targeted advertising based on their locations, genders, and other entertainment activities. The two earliest known such games were Bingo Zone and Uproar.

Depending on where you look for positive reviews, appears to be the most highly regarded of these online games. Several Websites dedicated to reviewing online gaming praise its variety of free games and lack of deposit for users to join and play.

You can play with or without real money, but if you like to play for real money there is one significant catch: the Unlawful Gaming Act bars the site from accepting online gamblers from the United States and Canada. For those who are allowed to gamble online legally, receives favorable reviews for security in electronic wagers and payouts and its ability to protect its users’ information from theft outside the portal. also receives mostly favorable reviews, from review sites and from players alike. This site, too, offers 90-ball and 75-ball variations, and gets five-star reviews mostly for its playability, graphics, and ease of use. Almost the only critique it receives is from players who find too many personality clashes and flame wars in the chat rooms, sometimes exploding too fast for site moderators to break up. Which, we don’t mind saying actually means that strong activity is happening.

However,, which tracks all manner of online casino gaming according to user popularity and site visits, says is the third most popular such Website.

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