Bingo for Money


Bingo for Money is a fairly new online bingo site that has been garnering a lot of attention lately. I have found the site to be incredibly easy to use and the support is incredibly efficient. If you love online bingo like I do, I really recommend checking the site out.

Bingo for Money
Bingo for Money

One of the best things about this site is that the loyalty program starts immediately, from the first deposit. Players are instantly entered into the loyalty program and start earning points with just one deposit. The more points you have the more bonuses you can build back up after the initial deposit bonus.

The best thing about bingoformoney is that if your computer crashes in the middle of a game, you will still earn your winnings. They will automatically be deposited into your account. This goes above and beyond other sites.

Bingo for Money – Bonus

Bingo for Money offers a no deposit 25 dollar bonus, which is great as a way to try the site for free to see if you want to keep going. What’s even better is that when you do decide to make a deposit, you get a 200% match bonus on top of that deposit with a max bonus of $200.00. This goes a long way to get you started on the site.

There is a secure deposit policy and I have never felt nervous about depositing my money. All of the e-commerce pages are secured by the standard SSL and encryption protocols. So your personal information, especially your credit card, stays secure. Not to mention that when you sign up you get a $25 bonus to play with before you even deposit anything.

Bingo for Money offers great specials for each day of the week like “Monday Night at the Movies” with a movie theme and “Toys for Tuesdays” with a child games theme. Each weekday special theme is accompanied by some sort of bonus such as an extra 15% payout on “Monday Night at the Movies”. Each day has a different bonus so it’s tons of fun to check out to see which bonus you can get that day. My favorite is “Funny Farm Fridays” because the theme is fun and the jackpot is topped-up by 50%! There are also other bonuses to keep your eye on aside from the daily specials. I like this kind of variety.

Bingo for Money – Winnings

When you look at the jackpot winnings on the news page, you can see how much this site pays out. One player, MyRedJunk, won a jackpot of over six thousand dollars! Guidonne won even more at over seven thousand dollars! Myangellacey won twenty-five hundred dollars and the list just goes on. If you add up all of the money paid out on the big winners list it comes to way over thirty thousand dollars and that doesn’t even include the prizes like Acer laptop. The proof is in the winners’ list.

One thing I don’t like is that it’s not easy to play on my mobile. They definitely need a mobile version. An app wouldn’t hurt either. recently did a survey showing that more than a third of bingo players would play bingo for money on their mobile phones and devices. Bingo for Money should really capitalize on this. The site is also a little too purple for my tastes, but the authentic bingo hall sound effects make up for it.

If you are looking to get into online bingo or looking to switch from a site that is making you disillusioned, Bingo for Money is highly recommended. The ease of use is good for beginners and the many games and bonuses with different themes keeps the interest of the seasoned player. Bingoformoney is the site for everybody.

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