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If you have a computer and internet access, at some point you have been online looking for free games. No reason to deny it, or be ashamed either; it is all part of our society. We get bored easily, so we look for new ways to entertain ourselves. It is not particularly hard to find free online games, the difficulty comes in trying to decide between the multitudes of sites offering them. The kinds of games they offer, player reviews, even whether or not they offer prizes, are all things that can be weighed in order to make the best choice for you. With that in mind, we will review the top three gaming sites, determined by the order with which they appear on search sites.

Free Games – Online Sites

The first site is www.lutheransonline.com/Games. Now these are obviously going to be family-friendly games. However, that does not necessarily mean they will be boring. This site offers eight games: Jumble, Universal Trivia, Sudoku, Family Time Crossword, Play Four, Solitaire, Universal Word Search and Universal Jigsaw. The names say it all. There are no RPG’s, or role playing games, on this site. Due to the current interest in brain-building games, as well as a probable lack of memory capacity on the hosting site, the simple yet distracting games offered on lutheransonline are just what the doctor ordered for some people.

Perhaps the most well-known online gaming site, for non-RPG games, is www.Pogo.com. This site has come under fire by its subscribers lately. Known for its large variety of games as well as the fact that it offers players chances to win actual money, Pogo has been a staple for online game players for years. However, recent reviews have not been favorable for the popular site. A couple of them, found on Google Product Search, are as follows:

Free Games – Pogo.com

“Pogo is very dishonest. It is amazing that you have no way of contacting them because their mailboxes are not monitored. I have written Pogo three times and have not received a response. I actually have another month on my subscription but they cancelled it a month early. They had already tried to renew my subscription without my knowledge but I had cancelled my card. Then they started sending e-mail at least twice a day. What a ripoff.What happened to all the jackpot winners?” – Anonymous

“After being a member and trying to play games that either crash in the middle of it or kick you out it is a pain. cancelled my membership on the 5th week yet they took out for 2 whole months then said that it is their policy. I rated this company as a scam because it is a total waste of your money and the company one you are a member couldn’t care less. A sucker born every minute and so add up how many people pay for it.” – Trustpilot

Pogo has, in all fairness, had some good reviews too. The problem seems to be with the subscribers, who seem to think the site will be different than any number of other sites out there. Money is always the root of all evil, and when something does not work right when it’s free, why should it work right when it is being paid for?

Aptly named, and easy to remember, www.freeonlinegames.com is the last on our list. This one, unlike the others, is far less of a child-friendly site. Offering RPG’s as well as adult-themed games with a somewhat dark sense of humor and womans games, this site just may be the best. Instead of the classic games, this site offers games with full immersion graphics. Be aware, though, that if there is not enough memory free on your computer when you go to play one of these games, it could crash.

A notable mention should be made for adultswim.com, which is strictly adult games. Though not particularly high-tech, these make for amusing breaks in daily monotony. I would not, however, play them with impressionable children around the computer screen.

Free online games are a staple of today’s computer-savvy generation. We work and we play on our computers. It is good to know, then, that whether we are looking for family games or adult games, there is something out there for us.

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