Free Online Games For Bingo Lovers


Bingo fans will love the free online games options on pogo, as there are many different versions of pogo bingo available. Vibrant graphics, excellent soundtracks and the opportunity to play against friends or other online gamers and earn tokens in the process are all reasons people are flocking to this amazing games site.

Bingo Luau

Bingo Luau takes the classic game and adds a tropical Hawaiian twist. Bright primary colors, tiki themes and a gorgeous background of volcanoes and water make this game super easy on the eyes. All players start with three bingo cards, and the option to predict when the B1 ball will be called. Players must then follow the pattern on the cards to successfully call bingo. If players call bingo first, or correctly predict the B1 ball, they receive tokens. If they call three incorrect bingos, they forfeit all the tokens that would have been won for that game. In addition, there are three speeds to choose from, Regular, Speedy and Super Speedy. Furthermore, players can opt to play the regular Three Card game or the Three Card Blackout, in which players must get every square on the card to win.

Everyone Wins Bingo – Free Online Games

Everyone Wins Bingo is another great pogo bingo game. Here players can play alone or in teams and help each other to achieve bingo by passing on wilds in the form of acorns. The graphics and layout are particularly attractive as they are a rustic outdoors theme with wooden framed bingo boards and lots of leafy foliage as a background. Although this game is not one of pogo’s entirely free online games, they do offer a free two-week trial. If players fall head over heels in love with the game, which is known to happen often, there is the option to sign up for a super low monthly rate of $5.99. This gives gamers exclusive access to character formation and premium games, as well as the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

Fortune Bingo – Free Online Games

Another exciting variety of bingo from the much loved pogo site is Fortune Bingo. Here a cartoon fortune teller calls the balls against a backdrop of dark blues and reds. Players can choose to play with one, three or six cards at a time, and the pace is challenging. Regular mode allows players some time to scrutinize their cards and make a call, while speedy mode is a fast-paced and exciting challenge where balls come flying and players must be on their toes. After each game a special number is called that gives players a free spin to win tokens. Players can also win tokens by matching particular numbers. In addition, groups of friends can play together and use the chat function to strategize, celebrate or simply have some casual game play conversation throughout the game.

With three different colorful and fun pogo bingo options, bingo lovers will have a ball on this affordable and versatile free online games site. As an added bonus, friends can play together and for a very reasonable monthly rate, any game can have access to hundreds of entertaining and exciting games.

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