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If you play computer games and have two friends that also play computer games, statistically speaking it is a fact that one of you participates in at least one type of free online games service. Whether you enjoy massively multiplayer online role playing games (more commonly abbreviated as MMORPG), online strategy games, flight simulator games, arena combat games, or simply board and card games, there are plenty of Internet services that allow you to get into the action without a subscription fee.

Without a doubt the most popular version of all free online games is a real-world simulator known as Minecraft, a game that gives the ability to a user to construct whatever device their imagination can conjure. Minecraft operates in two different fashions: the first, as a role-playing game that requires players to explore a world and acquire new resources to trade and build, and the second, as a pure construction mode. If you have seen the massive pictures on the Internet of Minecraft gamers who have constructed a full-size Starship Enterprise or a replication of Hogwarts Academy, you know the addictive power of being able to construct a world with nothing more than multi-colored bricks.

Casual Games – Free Online Games

Casual games have long since been a staple of the online gaming community, and no games appeal to a casual audience more than tabletop games. Whether you know the Alekhine Defense for chess or you are lucky enough to land on Boardwalk in Monopoly, there are free online games that cater to the games that persons of all ages can play. Yahoo! Games has long been a bastion of free online casual games, offering card tables for hearts or poker along with more complex games like mahjong and backgammon. Yahoo! also offers chat rooms and ladders, adding a social element to the game.

When one thinks about online games, most likely one thinks about the mammoth free-roam games like World of Warcraft and the upcoming Old Republic role-playing games. While the graphics are not as fancy and the voice acting is non-existent, free online games with the massive multiplayer element include the iconic Runescape, a game that offers the chance for players to construct a fantasy character and go off on any number of quests and professions. A Runescape warrior or wizard can level up and learn new skills, combat huge world bosses, or make gold by providing goods for the huge world economy.

A new craze in the gaming industry has been arena combat games, thriving on the models laid down by the famous Defense of the Ancients and Aeon of Strife multiplayer maps. League of Legends is a free to play area game that pits up to a dozen players against one another using characters with different skills, strengths, weaknesses, and strategic advantages. Players must work as a team to overcome the waves of their foe and secure a victory. League of Legends, like many other arena combat games, has a huge following and a fierce debate about which characters are the best and worst.

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