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Online games is famous among children and even adults, particularly free games. It is an interactive game where a player only needs a set of computer and an internet connection. With this kind of technologies spread worldwide, most of the people divulge their selves in such games. There are a lot of game site channels offers a variety of game genre. They also offer free download trials to encourage each game player to buy the unlimited version of such particular games. Review Review

Subsequently, there are a lot of online games spreading all over the internet. One of these is the Pogo.Com. So, I did some research about this game site for you to know some facts about it.

According to Wikipedia, is a gaming website that offers free games and a variety of free casual games, from card and board games to puzzle, sports, and word games. It is owned by Electronic Arts.

With this variety of free games to play online and can be downloaded for free through, children who always play games such as scrabble, soduko, strategy games and word games enhances their intellectual being. It actually helps boost their memory and let their brain work and think of a strategy on how to win such games. For teens and adult players it is one way of getting rid of the stress they have in their system or a simple means of relaxation. From the entertainment section of “The Pace Chronicle” of Pace University in Pleasantville/Briarcliff Manor, New York last October 4, 2011, was in the 7th place in “Ten Best Procrastination Websites.” The author said that it is “For the gamer junkie: Stuck in the library and can’t get back to the X-Box? No worries, with an endless supply of games are just a click away.

There are privileges once you become a member in They call it “Club Pogo”, once you are a member you are entitled to free games and other freebies such as:

1. 40 + exclusive online games without Ads.
1. Iphone application with premium content (a $2.99 value)
2. Collect game badges
3. Earn renewal rewards
4. Join over 1.7 million members
5. Free 2 weeks trial

Imagine that once you have become a pogo member through, you are about to play with more than 1.7 million gamers around the globe, people you may know and mostly people you don’t know. One way or another, you can gain a lot of friends and at the same time you let yourself learn, enjoy and relax. Those are some of the good side of online games.

The Scrabble game is one of the America’s favorite games. It enhances one’s vocabulary and it is also a form of family bonding. It tightens the bond with each member of the family. The one I’m talking is the traditional scrabble board game. Wherein, you need a board and blocks with letters. But with and today’s technology, who needs a scrabble board when you have a desktop, laptop, tablets, ipad and other new gadgets that could download scrabble online. You can play scrabble online and other free games anytime and anywhere, and it doesn’t only limit to family and friends but it gives you an access worldwide. Scrabble online becomes more challenging and it makes your brain cells work at its best. With the help of the latest technology and brilliant minds, is able to meet the demands of today’s generation. Imagine, even scrabble online can now be played with just a click.

Scrabble online is just one of many online games offered by pogo. Also, there are actually a lot of free online games from that can be downloaded. It only needs a good internet connection. You can download it from your desktop to whatever latest technology you have in your hand. Visit today and check on the latest games for you.

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