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New Bingo Billy

New Bingo Billy


Online Bingo has become wildly popular in recent years and now Bingo lovers have to sift through hundreds of sites online and this can be daunting. If you try one site and it doesn’t appeal to you, it might make you less than enthusiastic to try another one. Well, fear not, because you can’t go wrong with New Bingo Billy. This award-winning site creates a secure environment with the traditional feeling of playing real Bingo. Almost everybody finds NewBingoBilly to be a top Bingo site and WhichBingo made it their site of the year for three years in a row.

Before signing up, for free play, there is a part of their site called the Wild Penny Room. You don’t have to even deposit any money at all, however, you won’t receive big prizes, if any at all. That’s why it’s called the Penny Room. When you are a depositing player and therefore part of the players club, the prizes are determined by the amount of cards you’re playing. You can play up to 24 cards at a time.

New Bingo Billy – Good Things

One of the best things about this site is that they use the Parlay software which helps them constantly update and evolve their games through customer feedback. This makes their games suited to customer preference. It is also nice to play an old-fashioned bingo game online. Too many other sites are fashioned after Keno or played like a lottery. This site lets you actually enjoy the numbers being called out and looking for them on your card as if you were at a church Bingo night. Invite some friends to help you fill your cards and share the fun of old-fashioned Bingo online.

The New Billy Bingo site also offers cards as low as $.25 and this is a very good price. When you get the three card minimum you are still only playing for less than a dollar depending on the game you choose. Having the choice of being able to buy cards at such a low price makes this site very easy to play.

New Bingo Billy – Sign up and Deposit Bonus

There is a $25 sign up bonus that you can use as a free trial before you deposit anything. Your first two deposits get a 300% bonus up to $120 for two $20 deposits. This bonus goes all the way up to $100 deposits. That means that you could get up to $600 free if you deposit $100 twice on your first two deposits! And to top that off, if you use MoneyLineWallet to make your deposits you will receive an extra $10 for your first two deposits. So there is an extra $20 right there on top of the other bonuses. There are no details about their deposit policy but they do make sure to say that they offer a secure online credit card payment system. All depositing players also receive 10% back once a month as part of their loyalty reward program.

New Bingo Billy offers a multitude of specials. If you go to their specials page you will see pages and pages of specials. Be sure to scroll down to the daily specials. Each day has a different special happening during different parts of the day. For example, most days between the hours of 2pm and 4pm there is a ‘Summer Fun Hours’ bonus where a certain pattern is chosen for bonuses during those hours. There are around 15 of these everyday. Every hour will have some kind of special running, so it is a must to look it up so that you don’t miss out.

New Bingo Billy – Bad Things

The only things that aren’t perfect with this site is that sometimes when your computer crashes it’s difficult to log back in right away as the computer won’t recognize your password for some reason. On the FAQ it says that this is because the game’s computer didn’t realize there was a crash and it thinks your still playing, so it takes up to 15 minutes for the login to work. It is a minor inconvenience that fixes itself, but it is still a bit of an inconvenience. Also, the colors of the site are a bit elementary. It would be nice to see some bolder colors.

New Billy Bingo is probably one of the most fun and satisfying online bingo sites to play. Just looking at the winners and their prizes is exciting and tempts one to enter a game. RWarden123 just won a jackpot of $619 in the Father’s Day Room. Tiffer0220 just won a brand new laptop in a raffle. The winners page shows people winning points that can be exchanged for new cards and ziggygirl just one $75 in a tournament. New Bingo Billy has it all and it is highly recommended to fulfill that need for real Bingo and for high payouts and bonuses.

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