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According to sources, nearly eight percent of the population plays Bingo. While the British may play it the quickest ( some at bingobingo ), in about 4 and 1/2 minutes, it was the French who invented this specialty. It was called Le Lotto at the time. The Germans used to used this entertainment to teach their children math and school teachers still use it in different facets of education. However, it was Edwin Lowe of New York who discovered that shouting the word “Beano” was a good way to end the game. This began the modern game.

When playing, especially online bingo, players often look for incentives. There are dozens of sites to play at, the question is which one is the best? Latest BingoBingo Bonuses gives you a bit of impetus to make the best choices for your Internet bingo needs.

The Good

BingoBingo has a multitude of games that you can play. There are seven rooms or halls that open at various hours. The slogan is that the site and the games are so good that they had to name the site two times. The site offers free play at the free role after 4 pm on weekdays and after 12 pm on weekends.

The Not so good

Most of the games are fairly expensive, and there does not seem to be a no deposit policy that is in place overall. There are a few promotions that offer no deposit, but overall the games require the player to put down some cash. Also, there does not seem to be a game going on at all times, but rather a bit of a start time for each game to begin, which is actually the norm at quite a few online bingo facilities.

The Neutral

There is plenty of information on this site on playing this game. You can also play other online games such as poker, table games, and slots. It is also fairly simple to find information on promotions and specials.


Play or as little as 10 cents up to $1.00. You can play one card or up to 120 cards. However, most people play between 30-40 cards at a time. Start times are available on the site under schedule and you can play a variety of games all at the same time. Don’t forget that second chance is also offered. You can use your points from playing to purchase tickets for cash drawings.


If you invite your friends to play at this site and they sign up for an account you will receive $25 of free play. Simply fill out the form under free play promotions and an invitations will be sent to your friends. Also, there is an online chat room, and FAQ section where you can find rules and regulations and get information about specials. Sign up for the newsletter and get the inside scoop on how you can play at this site and tips and tricks for winning more games.

The Facts

This is a popular form of entertainment. More people play than go to NFL and Nascar each year combined. The movie industry does well in the US, but not as well as this industry which beats the movie industry by two to three percent. In fact, Americans spend about 90 million dollars a week on cards.

Practice your skills and hone in on your ability to really win by playing your favorite pastime at bingobingo.

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