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Brits Bingo

Brits Bingo – Online Bingo Review


Brits Bingo is a new online Bingo site that started on the Dragonfish Network and now runs independently using Dragonfish software. It offers 14 free games everyday that all offer cash prizes along with some of the highest payouts for Bingo games, drawings and casino instant games.

What really sets this site apart is that they have 24 hours online chat support. To have somebody available at all times, even on those nights when insomnia might have you up until three or four in the morning, is like a dream come true. Another fabulous thing that they have added is a new piece of software that lets you play instant casino games at the same time as you play your Bingo cards. The two different types of games operate on different software and can therefore be played simultaneously. Not many online Bingo sites offer such a luxurious gaming feature.

When you sign up you get an instant £1 with which to tryout the site. It may seem small, but it is more than enough to let you see if you want to continue with the site. When you decide to deposit, you then receive a 200% match bonus for deposits up to £200 and no smaller than £10. After your first deposit, you will then receive 50% of every deposit after that up to £100 and no smaller than £20. Depositing money also enrolls you with the loyalty program that lets you earn free Bingo points every time you play.

Brits Bingo have installed tight protection on your deposits. They use 128-bit encryption with SSL Protocol so no hackers or thieves can encrypt the data. You can definitely feel secure when depositing to this site.

Brits Bingo – Daily Jackpot

The specials are hard to beat. There is a guaranteed £100 jackpot everyday for one lucky winner. Every Monday has a ‘Happy Hour’ between 4pm and 6pm where you earn double the points on all chat games. There are Bingo Tournaments every month where you can earn £1000, all you need is a team of three with some of your chat buddies. £1 million Coverall games happen three times a week and you can buy your tickets in advance. They also offer referral bonuses and seasonal specials. They’re constantly changing it up to make it more fun and lively. It’s always worth a look to see what you could be winning before you start playing.

Now to discuss the not so good things: There aren’t that many bad things about the site. Only a couple of things are a big enough annoyance to mention. As great as the instant casino game feature is, you can’t use promotional money or the free Brits Bingo money. You can only use real funds and if you don’t have enough you aren’t able to play. This can be a drag if you are out of money and only have the promotional money in your account. Also, their chat goes down a little more than most would like. These are minor conveniences, however, when taking all the bonuses and high payouts into account.

Brits Bingo – Winners!

To understand the power of the prizes on this site, one only needs to look at the winners list on the site. For example, irishgal won £22,050.50 in one day! The user kacigrace won £13,411.63 and xxONESHOExx won £465. The Friday £1 million Coverall game had a £1500 winner in soitsbound2beme. The total winnings in one day can be as high as £287,436.17. These are some of the highest payouts in the industry. You can’t go wrong with Brits Bingo. Signing up is easy. The sooner you get started the sooner you start winning.

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