Wonder Bingo

Wonder Bingo

A Comprehensive Wonder Bingo Review


Wonder Bingo began as a very popular Facebook application in November 2010. Due to its overwhelming popularity it expanded into a pay-per-use website that now gets over 500,000 hits in a given day. It is currently one of the most popular bingo sites on the web.

The initial impression given off by Wonder bingo is that the website is loud, colourful (blue is the dominant colour), but organized. There are numerous games that include casino games (such as blackjack), slots, free games, special games, and bingo. The bingo itself is 75 and 90 ball and there are seven bingo rooms to choose from. There are various bonuses available that come with either signing up, playing on one’s birthday, referring friends to the site, and monthly giveaways. The sign up bonus is £5 and the maximum bonus is 200% at £150.

Positive Aspects of Wonder Bingo

Because this website began as a Facebook application, there are various similarities with the popular social network. Players establish profiles where they can post as much or as little information about themselves as they like. At the bottom of the screen will be the various profiles of different players that are currently online. Players can accept friendship requests and there is a chat option associated with Wonder Bingo as well. This is a great feature because it allows a person to establish a social circle where they can discuss various bingo rooms, bonuses, strategies, and games.

More positive aspects associated with this site include the fact that registration is very easy and requires no upfront financial information. The website is very easy to navigate after registration, with a person being directed to a main lobby directly after creating a basic profile. An individual can read up on various games and become well-acquainted with the website before attempting any games. Customer support is also excellent with this site, with personnel eager and willing to answer questions or help with enquiries. Unlike other gaming websites, there is no deposit policy in place. A player signs up at the website, places no initial deposit, and actually receives £5 to play with.

There are quite a few specials and bingo bonuses associated with Wonder bingo as well. There are a number of free games that players can start off with. These free games do offer prizes for people who play at the highest levels. There are also guaranteed jackpots every Saturday where players can purchase a £1 ticket for the chance to win £1000.

Negative Aspects of Wonder Bingo

Because the website is clean and easy to use, the graphics are not quite as stunning as those offered by other gaming websites. Some users have noted that the pay website is simply a few steps ahead of the Facebook application. However, in order to ensure an easy transition for users of the application the pay website decided to retain certain features. Another user observation that comes up frequently is the fact that the same players seem to win all the time. This is most likely due to the fact that they play the most often, therefore they win the most frequently.

Current Winners and Winnings

At this time, the two biggest winners are XXLuckyLucy and Catherineal. The former is from the United Kingdom and the latter is from Ireland. They have won £11,250 and £12,535 respectively.

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