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Foxy Zero

An In Depth Foxy Zero Review


Bingo has become a passion for many these days. With fascinating offers and luring bonuses, more and more players have started looking out free sites on the internet where they can play Bingo. Foxy Zero is one of the most talked about bingo sites lately. It is the sister site of Foxy Bingo. Though it looks simple and undemanding, you can get great deals and win fortunes!

Foxy Zero – Sign up

Signing up on Foxy Zero is very simple, as it requires only a couple of steps, which includes supplying your details and information. Other than new users on Foxyzero, the existing users of Foxy Bingo can log in to play games on this site. The no deposit policy adds to the interests of the players. According to it, you need not necessarily pay anything to log in or sign up rather, you get a bonus when you sign up.

Foxy Zero – No Deposit Policy and Bonuses

To play Bingo games on Foxy Zero, you need to pay an initial deposit of £10 and then you get £20 more as a welcome bonus. For any amount up to £200, you get a huge bonus of 200%, which offers you 24 hours worth of gaming time on the site. With every consequent deposit or reload, you get 50% more as a bonus offer. So you see how you can make money and save too by playing games on Fox Zero.

With a variety of games costing just 1p or 2p, your reload lasts for a longer time. In addition, there are free games that are not charged to your account. Even the 1p and 2p games offer you jackpots, attractive gifts and cash prizes that are irresistible.

The prizes offered in the free rooms might not look too attractive or expensive, but why pass up getting something free? The prizes could be anything ranging from £5 to £50. Enthusiastic players will want to try for the Daily £100 jackpots and guaranteed mega jackpots of £2,500 cannot hold genuine players from trying them. Other games offered on the site are multiline slots, single slots, instant wins, keno and table games.

Magic of Zerology

Zerology is a new concept of Foxy Zero, which has brought most of the new business to the site. You do not have to pay anything to sign up or buy bingo cards and you can even play for no cost. In addition, every time you play a free game, there is a chance that you will win something. You can gain bingo points after playing just a few games and these points can be used to play more games.

Bingo fanatics are usually well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of playing online bingo. Though it is less likely that anyone could find any loopholes in any of the games played on Foxy Zero, you have to hold on to your patience at times to win money because sometimes you might not win anything even if you play the whole day. Secondly, make sure that when you make payments with credit cards, they pass through a secure bank gateway to avoid any security issues.

Foxy Zero – Be one of the Prizewinners

Baba 1058 recently won £750, while aps 26 won a whopping £6000, Deebfly has hit a jackpot of £1,500 and there are more winners on the list. They all feel that playing Bingo on Foxy Zero is not just relaxing but a way to make a profit while having fun.

You can make your payments and withdraw money from the site with visa, Mastero, Master card, Visa Delts, Electron, Paysafe card and Neteller.
It does not matter whether you have your lucky charm with you while you play games on Fox Zero Bingo. Skills and presence of mind will help you earn loads of prizes and money on this site. So do not wait, get started today and make money while you play!

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