Tea and Bingo

Tea and Bingo

History of Tea and Bingo


Back some sixty plus years ago, one former Oxford student made a point of having tea every afternoon at 4:00 PM. That gentleman, Abbas Effendi wanted to help the readers of his books become winners. He realized that both board games like TEAGO and online games like teaandbingo can bring together a group of people with diverse backgrounds.

As with any online site, the one that has combined tea and bingo encourages communications between people of both genders and of all races. It does not demand information on the political thinking or the religious beliefs of any potential players. It does ask for their name, address and telephone number. Those facts must be given by anyone who wants to join the fun at this one particular site for online bingo.

Get more bonuses!

Here those who agree to receive the promotional materials can enjoy the bonuses and specials. That includes a 100% match bonus upon presentation of the first deposit. It also promises a 20 GBP sign up bonus with registration. Those who want to register must give their email address, along with the other contact information. When obtained, the confirmation of that address ensures their receipt of the promised bonus.

By paying ten pounds per ticket, the registered players can enjoy either the traditional 90 ball game or the less-conventional 80 ball game. In that latter one, each ticket has sixteen numbers. That same game is not offered at any similar site that targets the different tea-drinking bingo fans.

In addition, this site’s tea-focused trivia game provides players with an additional way to qualify for the Max Bonus. One can bone up on the facts that are the basis of that game by practicing with a set of twelve boards, each of which is part of a board game. Any Internet user can find a way to order that set by searching out information on TEAGO.

The white and blue board…

Each set includes twelve boards, 50 calling cards, chips and a printed tale, one that gives the details of the TEAGO game’s story. Each set can entertain between two to twelve players. It should be of interest to anyone over the age of ten.

As shown by the coloring of the game’s board, it was designed for use in Great Britain. The board is white and blue, like the china that was traditionally used to serve English tea. Therefore, it makes sense that each of the many questions that players have to answer concerns some aspect of that hot beverage.

TEAGO cards

Some of those questions might puzzle a few of Britain’s residents. That would not be due to their unfamiliarity with the hot drink that the British love. Instead, it would concern the British habit of drinking longstanding teas. Any present-day resident of the UK who grew up in Iran would have trouble answering any queries about longstanding teas. In Iran, the Persians prefer to have a freshly brewed drink.

Of course, Iranians would probably know as much or more than that British about at least one other category. That would be the one centered on flavored and herbal teas. Iranians know how to help a sick person feel better, just by downing an herbal tea.

As more and more Iranians settle in Great Britain, there could be some changes in the questions that are now placed on the TEAGO cards. That might reflect Persian tastes. It might also change the nature of the trivia game at the teaandbingo site.

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