3 Replies to “What casino has the most favorable rules for blackjack?”

  1. I know a place with a double deck game that allows double after split, and lets your re-split to 4 hands. According to the Wizard of Odds blackjack calculator, that a .38% house edge with basic strategy. Sometimes the dealers are lazy too, and deal it very deep into the deck (15 or so cards left). I’m not going to say where it is though because it’s pretty empty a lot of the time and I don’t particularly want more people playing there. I’ll just say it’s here in the Las Vegas area, and NOT on the strip.

  2. **Early** surrender is still avaulable at some casinos in france and africa, being that this rule can completely negate almost any exhisting house edge, id have to suggest that the game is somewhere in one of those countries.

    As for me, i primarily only play in atlantic city, though i have been to many other casinos.

    In atlantic city the best off the top edge comes from borgata, and the most exploitable game comes from the hilton.

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