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Cyber Bingo Allows Bingo Fans To Play Anytime


Players that enjoy playing bingo may want to join cyber bingo. Cyber bingo allows members to deposit into an account . The money used in the account is used to buy cards that stat at prices as low as 35 cents per card.

In order to start playing cyber bingo, members must first fund their account. The first deposit is matched at 500 percent. Continue reading “Cyber Bingo” »

A Much Larger Online Game

Our Online Bingo game

was too small.

We apologize .
Now play with us here in a much larger online game format. Use the menus above or the game images below to get variations of the game that are significantly larger and easier to play.

You wanted to be able to open the games in a larger view.

You can now do that all day long. Click on the images below to open the desired online game in a window for a much larger screen size of 1024 x 768. You asked and we listened.

4 Card Online Game 6 Card Online Game 9 Card Online Game
[rokbox title=”Larger version of 4card game?” thumb=”” size=”996 692″]4cards3/flashbingo.php?width=996&height=692&mult=1.293506&theme=0[/rokbox] [rokbox title=”Larger version of 6card game?” thumb=”” size=”996 692″]6cards5/flashbingo.php?width=996&height=692&mult=1.293506&theme=0[/rokbox] [rokbox title=”Larger version of 9card game?” thumb=”” size=”996 692″]9cards1/flashbingo.php?width=996&height=692&mult=1.293506&theme=0[/rokbox]

This was a much requested feature for a few months so we accommodated, particularly after we found that some of you were still playing the older game from the old location, tsk, tsk.

Stay tuned for a new kind of game coming soon”. Have fun and enjoy. Look for chat monitors in the game rooms and ask them about playing or hosting a few chat games for real points. Still not having enough fun? Start your very own blog right here on Add your very own pictures, videos etc.

Look for the chat monitors, whose color in the game will be different even from those of you who are registered. They play chat games daily and giveaway even more points.

A little bingo history

This globally played game has been a winning name throughout history. Its history this decade has grown by leaps and bounds. It has come out of the basement of churches and reached the World Wide Web. You can still find it local senior centers but you can also see it at group fundraising events to because it is still a great game to play.

Our grand game is said to have gotten its roots in that grand Italian culture. There used to be a lottery in Italy called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Itallia. It was played around 1530 in the same manner that our modern day game is played today.
In the early twentieth century a popular game called “Beno” was being played across European countries at carnivals. The players of this game would mark their cards with beans in sequential order. When they won they would shout ‘beno’ and win the game.

In 1929 a curious toy maker name Ed Lowe heard of the popular game in Europe. He decided to try the game himself and created his own pieces. When trying out the game with other people, a winner shouted ‘Bingo‘ instead of ‘Beno’. From there Lowe called the game by the name it is known as to this day.

Lowe failed to patent the growing game in popularity but he did become quite wealthy because he was smart. He made competitors who used the game pay him one dollar for using his name bingo. Because it grew so much in fashion to play the game they were forced to pay him the money.

In 1935 the New York Times stated that Americans were game-minded and crazy about our favorite game . The game of covering five numbers in different patterns was a hit and it is here to stay. You can play all sorts of patterns now on cards and even go for the big jackpot in a game of black out.

People who want to hold fundraising for a group or organization have chosen the game of bingo as their number one fundraiser. This rings true because people like to help out a good cause and they still love the game to this day.

The internet has caused this great game to evolve once again. Now you can play the fun game with people from all over the world on sites that are sprouting up on line. You can play for cash or just for fun at sites everywhere. Some are free and some charge a small fee.

The ever popular game is here to stay. But no matter how history this decade has changed one thing remains the same; it is just a really fun game to play. Our curiosity sparks and our hearts beat as we wait for the last of our numbers to be called so we can yell “BINGO”!

Playing entertaining online games doesn’t have to cost money at all. Playing in the us or uk gives one many choices for this type of game. You also will find that there are free no deposit games, which means no payments to make.

Free Online Bingo

Online Bingo on FaceBook
Try our 6Card free Game on Facebook. More features, find friends from school, finally see what your chat mates look like ( lol ). Click Now and Check out ze online bingo game there. Once inside Facebook, no password required. Double your point accumulation by playing in both spots at the same time. All games here have been upgraded to Version 1.008. When you are playing in the game please note the version number. In the event that you are using a Version that is less than 1.008 we would suggest that you exit the game then clear your browser cache and re-enter in order to get the most recent version.