Spanish Botemania


A Review Of Spanish Botemania


Botemania offers all of the excitement and fun of an online bingo site with the added convenience of being entirely in Spanish. This allows players from Spain, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking nations to join in the fun and enjoy the online games at hand. The promotions and bonuses that are offered are also very competitive and should keep players occupied for hours on end. Continue reading “Spanish Botemania” »

Bingo Hall

Bingo Hall

Bingo Hall Review


Bingo hall is one of the more popular sites amongst online bingo lovers. The site states that you may play bingo for free; however, they further state that if you want to win real money, your account must have a minimum deposit of $25.00, which can be done with Eco, Visa or American Express. Continue reading “Bingo Hall” »

FreeBingo Cash Prizes

FreeBingo – Cash Prizes from our Online Bingo Draws

freebingo - win real cash prizes at!As many of you already know, win365bingo operates as a freebingo site and has been around for nearly 10 years. This free online bingo site pays out cash prizes without the need for you to use a credit card or any other funding instrument. So, don’t send us any cheques, wire transfers or credit card numbers – that’s totally unnecessary – though if you wished to donate, lol, nah never mind.

And these bingo cash prizes come without the King and Queen Cards sitting on top of the cash, lol. Yeah, we thought you might want to know that.

How does this work ?

The process is described elsewhere but for those of you who are new, you go to the win365bingo prizegallery page and allot/move some or all of your bingo winnings and apply them towards the monthly draw.

If you need more points to be absolutely sure that you get one of the cash prizes in the draw ( a myth by the way, you can never be absolutely sure, lol ), there is an offer page here on the site that allows you to get an additional 5-25,000 points in just a few minutes.

A few people that we know will be using the offer pages simply for topping up their points.

So, are we players going to be rich then ?

Oh absolutely ( NOT ). Typical prizes in the past have run from $5-$200 with most draws topping out at $50. However, we are looking at doing something new here. So have a look below and let us know how you feel.

Our Sponsors

… would just love if you whipped out your credit card and bought triple of what they were offering. However, in order to get bonus points, you simply need to fill out the first form on their website and give us back the email address that they used to send you back a response.

Credit cards Not Necessary for Bonus Points

… nor are any other form of banking instrument etc. You absolutely do NOT need to buy anything from our sponsors in order to get bonus points.

Buy only what you would have purchased because you needed it.

How a player can Win $50 and get $250

This is quite simple, really. Any amount that you win in the draw is doubled if you filled in as few as 4 offers.

Fill in 8 offers and any amount won in the draw is trebled.

Fill in 16 offers or more and any amount won in the draw is quintupled. That’s how a $50 win becomes $250.

No particular rush. At the moment, you have all month to fill these in, but if the beta promotion goes well, then this will become a weekly occurrence and your odds of winning go up by a factor of 4.

You may be asked to forward us copies of some of the sponsoring emails, if you win, so save some trees don’t delete them, lol.