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  4. @wilksy6130
    Eventually you will learn to pick up tells that will help you later in the hand.

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  6. i was watching this movie and playing poker at the same time. when alex his queens were shown to us for the first time. i got exactly the same cards lol

  7. @thetrueprincess5640
    Over time you can pick things up that will help in later pots.

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    Negreanu is one of the greatest NL hold em players and nice person to play poker with. he’s really the best.. he’s my fav by far. good sense of humour too

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  9. @Bell0my
    Yup, Daniel Negreanu is my hero he is the best from the best, and he is a character 🙂 I dont like players like Hellmuth, he is so arrogant
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  10. paul wilson is super skilled, watch the other video you will be amazed at the things he can do.

  11. If the person that cuts also straightens the cards the hustler has no way of knowing where the cards were cut.

  12. These guys play on full tilt too

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