Poker – Insane first hand!

Online Poker $500 Start Bonus if you sign up today! Sam Farha playing an insane first hand against Oliver Hudson where he doubles his chipcount. Please watch it, it’s an insane first hand 🙂 To all spammers in the comments: Please die. Thanks

25 Replies to “Poker – Insane first hand!”

  1. This should be a split both they both had a full house with aces and tens… i guess the main events dorks donno what real poker means hahahaha

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  6. i got a same one with that one when i played live cash game.. had pocket 6 other player J6 flopp was J J 6 bought layers flopp full house and we played same as it been played as you seen but well bad beats will always come ;))

  7. the raise to 8000 wasnt execeptionally bad
    first he hit the full tens. The chance he has A10 or AQ is slim. When he bet 300 and sammy rasied, he probably had an ace. Sammy couldve had 109 sutied for all he knowsa and could be bluffing at the very connected board. All im saying is that its a bad beat and he probably he thought sammy had a set or a stragiht

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  9. @EdDy4RheelZ You should raise the turn then call his bet not go allin. I am almost positive farha wouldve value bet the river leaving you with chips remaining if you were to call. farha could have aq aj or a10 raising pflop.

  10. Half of the pros and almost all amateurs get blinded by possibilities once they hold a full house. So when they get their boat, they assume it’s the nuts and don’t even think about pot control. I agree that reraise to 8000 was stupid but I dont’ think anyone would’ve gotten away and most likely broke. They both would’ve repopped each other assuming they have the nuts. So it wouldn’t make any difference here. Can’t blame him for lack of pot control bcz all the chips would’ve gone in anyways.

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