What is a free poker bankroll, and where i can get a free poker bankroll?

I heard it from a friend of mine about this free poker bankroll. Are these things real? I have found a lots of this free poker bankroll sites around the net, but they ask me for id, telephone numer and a lot of thing.
Do u know a site with information about free pokers bankroll s ,and some good offfers. I want to start into this poker thing but without risk. And a free poker bankroll would be the best.
Thanks a lot guys!

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  1. They are mostly all scams, Poker stars has freeroll tournaments daily in which you have the potential to win money with out any financial risk to yourself. But their allegeded deposit bonus is bs they say if you deposit 50$ they give you a bonus 50$ but you have to have something like 700 dollars of financial transactions to earn the bonus fifty so its pointless and nearly impossible unless you want to spend alot of money to just get the bonus.

  2. I think you mean you watn to play with play money and keep it if so
    there are many sites………
    I play at Full Tilt and Pokerstars
    where they have points
    Party Poker is what I think you might like
    Have a goood Day

  3. someone has put ‘they are mostly all scams’ this is not true, the reason places offer poker bankrolls, is so you sign up through them and hope you deposit in the future.. the reason for this is they get paid 10-20% of your deposit (not from your account) every time you do, therefore making profit in the long run as most people once they have had a taste of the action will deposit again…and again.. even if small amounts over years

    i have received a few bankroll bonuses, ironically i have made no money from them, but do make around $180 a day at PKR, which i got no bankroll for..

    don’t sign up to poker sites without checking if you can get a bankroll or rake back, because if you sign up and then notice you can get a $25-$100 bankroll through another website, you wont be eligible and even if you try opening another account they will run checks and just deny you…. thankfully even if you have signed up to tons of poker websites there will be ones you have not heard of so will be able to on those, rakeback is where you get for example 30% of your rake you pay back every month, a lot of ring game pros use this, to add to their profits.

    http://www.bankrollmob.com is one i used, there are a few better than this (cannot remember which) but they have some good free bankrolls for about 10 poker sites including full tilt, poker stars etc..

    just search in google, ”no deposit poker bankroll” and im sure you will find some, most usually require a call back verification, in which they call you (costs nothing) or some require you to upload ID to just prove who you are

  4. i know what u mean. But not all the sites are scam. some places offer real free poker bankroll. Not kiddin. look there is a lot of good web sites with info about free poker bankroll. Here is a blog with strategys about bankroll management and somo offer for build ur first free poker bankroll.

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