Q: I want to join the game but I am not registered. How do I sign-up?

A: Welcome to BingoEngland! You can easily join-in by simply creating your user account. All you have to do is to click on the registration link and fill in the form.

Once you’ve completed the registration, you can join a game by clicking in the right hand options on the index page.

If you already in a game room but you have not registered, you don’t need to exit the game room. Just wait for the login window to come out and click on the link: Register for free.

Q: Is the registration at BingoEngland free?

A: Yes! You don’t need to pay anything when you register.

Q: Are the games free at BingoEngland?

A: Yes they are! The games are all free to play at BingoEngland. So let’s start the ball rolling! Earn bingo points and win free prizes

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Q: How do I play Bingo?

A: It’s easy to play the game. Bingo balls marked with numbers and letters are randomly drawn. The object of the game is to be the first to match five numbers in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally (depending on the current bingo game pattern). If your card’s marked numbers matched the current game pattern, then you can declare Bingo. You can win part or all of the game’s current Bingo points.

Q: Does the game play automatically?

A: Yes. If you wish the game to play automatically for you click on the Autodaub On button near the chat.

Q: How come not all 75 numbers are being called?

A: Some patterns do not require certain numbers ever be called. When one of those patterns is in use we do not bother to call the additional balls which would never be used in the pattern. This makes the game run faster.

Q: What does each feature in the Options screen do?

A: Show hints for last ball called, play sounds, animate 75 balls in blower, animate last number called, animate winning balls history, animate card.

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Q: How do I mark my card?

A: You don’t need to click your mouse! Just move your mouse across any number on your playing card(s). If the number was called, it will be highlighted immediately.

Q: What if my card is a winning card but I forgot to mark the numbers?

A: Sorry, you will not be given any credit for it if you did not completely mark it. The game can’t detect your winning card, even if
your card can actually complete the winning pattern based on previously called numbers, because of the incomplete markings on your card. Please remember to always mark all the called numbers.

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Q. How do I declare BINGO?

A: A bingo is declared automatically for you when the game detects that you successfully formed the winning pattern that’s BASED on your markings. Take note that if you dont use the autodaub feature it’s important that you always mark all the numbers that are being called.

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Q: How much do I win for each game pattern?

A: The points you win in every game pattern vary. See the Pattern & Points for your reference.

Q: What should I do if my points are not showing?

A: It can only be a problem with the interface or the slow Internet connection. You can always e-mail us at bingosupport@gmail.com to inquire about your points.

Q: What are Bingo points?

A: When you win a bingo game, you win bingo points. The earned points you have qualify you to join-in prize draws where you could prizes.

Q: How many Bingo Tokens do I have?

A: Once you login, your total points will appear on the “My Account” information page. Please be patient! It sometimes can take
up to 20 minutes to update your account when you win a game.

Q: How are Bingo Tokens tracked?

A: Our software keeps track of the points you win and you can see your balance by selecting “My Account” from the menu on the top of each page.

Q: I didn’t get my free 100 Bingo Tokens for registering?

A: You must fill out all fields in the registration process so that you can receive the free 100 bonus tokens. If you did not receive your free 100 Bingo Tokens for registering, please go to the BingoEngland.com home page and click on the “My Account” button. Then click on the “edit my account” link and fill in any field that is blank. Once completed, your free 100 Bingo Tokens will automatically be added to your account.

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Q: Why are Names different colors?

A: Different Alias colors indicate different things.

Blue: Is the standard Alias color.

Aqua: Indicates an Active subscription.

Purple: Are Chat Monitors.

Green: Are BingoEngland Staff.

While a Standard Alias is permitted to play for free without completing the subscription process they will not be eligible for many additional features of the site. Only Active players will enjoy the perks of membership.

Chat Monitors are there to help you in the games. Should you have a question about how the game is played you can ask a Chat Monitor and they will do their best to assist you.

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Below is the Pattern & Points table for your reference:

4 Corners 120 4 Pack 120
Check Mark 150 Any Line 150
Crazy Chevron 150 6 Pack 180
Crazy Mini-U 210 Crazy Thumbtack 240
Kite 240 Small Box 270
Crazy L 270 Crazy T 270
Letter X 270 + (Plus) Sign 270
Lucky 7 270 NZ (N or Z) 390
HI (H or I) 390 Percent Sign 390
Butterfly 450 Pound 480
Outside Box 480 Blackout (Cover All) 800-2000

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Q: If I get BINGO, what do I win?

A: You win Bingo points, which you can use in joining prize draws. Once you have enough Bingo points in your account, you can go to the prize page and enter prize draws. You also get added bingo points for clicking on banner advertisements during each game intermission.

Q: Is it a progressive game?

A: Yes it is! The games at BingoEngland are all progressive. If nobody wins in a particular round (EXCEPT for cover-all), the prize is carried over to the next game. Take note that the jackpots and maximum balls to be called differ in every game pattern. For more details, please see the pattern & points table.

Q: What happens when more than one person completes the winning pattern?

A: The prize will be split evenly among the winners. When a player declares a bingo, a 15-second delay takes place before the game
officially closes. This gives time for the rest of the players to still mark their cards, and win accordingly.

Q: How do I join the draws?

A: Just read BingoEngland’s announcement on the How to Win section for the schedule of the next draw. Then, click on the Join Draws button. Only Active players are eligible to enter the draws.

Q: Who can avail the prizes?

A: Everyone can have fun in BingoEngland, but Only Active players are eligible to enter the draws. There are also some legal restrictions on exactly who can win prizes.

U.S. or Canada residents age 18 or older:

If you’re 18 or older, and you’re a legal resident of the United States (with the exception of Puerto Rico) or Canada (with the exception of the province of Quebec) or you have a U.S. or Canadian postal address that we can send prizes to, then you should be eligible for any BingoEngland prize.

Non-U.S. or Canada residents age 18 or older:

If you’re 18 or older, but you don’t have a U.S. or Canadian address, then the only prizes you are eligible to win are the cash drawings and jackpots. (Note: your check will be made out in U.S. dollars no matter where you live.)

Any member age 17 or younger:

If you’re 17 or younger, then you’re allowed to play all the games, but you are NOT eligible to win any prizes.

The Games are subject to and regulated by all applicable laws in any nation, state or other jurisdiction. Participation in the Games is void in every national, local, or other jurisdiction in which participation is prohibited by any law, statute, regulation, or other appropriate authority. Neither the Publisher, advertisers nor sponsors warrant that participation in the Games is permitted under applicable law(s) in any jurisdiction.

Employees of BingoEngland, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertisers and advertising and promotion agencies and the immediate family members of each may use BingoEngland, but are not eligible to win prizes.

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Q: How do I chat?

A: Simply type in the chat box provided and click on send or press enter.


Q: How do I find a player in the games?

A: To find a player in the chat games you type /find Alias in the chat area and press enter. If the player is playing in the same theme as you are then the location of the player will be displayed in the chat area. For example Support is in the 50s Club Room. If the player is not in the same theme as you then the following message will be displayed Support is not online.

Please note that this does NOT mean that the player is not on one of the other available themes. Please feel free to check in the other themes using this same method.


Q: What is an Intermission Bonus, and how does it work?

A: After a game and you would opt-to stay during the intermission, you will be able to earn 15-40 points by playing the card sharks game. If you play card sharks you will get 1x the intermission bonus points.

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Q: Is BingoEngland legal?

A: Yes it is! All the games on BingoEngland are gaming, not gambling, since they are always free to play and there is no financial risk.

Q: How old do you have to be to play the games at BingoEngland?

A: If you’re 17 or younger, then you’re allowed to play all the games, but you are NOT eligible to win any prizes.

Q: I don’t live in the United States or Canada. Can I still play and win?

A: Everyone in the world is welcome to play the FREE bingo games at BingoEngland!!!

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Q: I had a Bingo and when I hit the “bingo” button it did not register?

A: Your card numbers and the numbers called for each game played are recorded on our database, so if you had a bingo and it was not recognized, we will credit your account appropriately. Often times, the database does not update immediately and you will notice your bingo points have been added to your account in a later login session. In any event, you should immediately e-mail us at: bingosupport@gmail.com with the specifics on the game you were playing, the estimated time your bingo occurred and you username. That way we can check into the claim for you.

Q. I would like to know if the game site is compatible to WEBTV?

A. Unfortunately, BingoEngland.com is not compatible with WEBTV.

Q: How many times can I play?

A: You are welcome to play Bingo as many times as you want! Remember it’s FREE to play and we have games running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Q: The screen is stuck. I can still daub my numbers across the cards and enter chat lines, but there does not seem to be a response.

A: Our game server disconnects players when it is unable to reach them in a reasonable amount of time. Website congestion and poor network connections can cause this problem. We recommend you to login again.

Q: During my game, a whole bunch of balls were called in rapid succession, and almost everybody had bingo.

A: The bingo servers send balls to every player at regular intervals. If there is heavy network congestion, these balls start to pile up until they can find a way to get through. When the network clears, all the balls get sent through together. If there is a long lag time during your game where no balls seem to appear, and then they start to arrive at 2 or 3 balls per second, these are telltale signs of network congestion. And of course, if all 75 balls arrive before anyone has had a chance to claim bingo, everyone will have a valid bingo on the 75th ball!

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